Unique Opportunity to add Teased Fiber Electrophysiology Methods to your Laboratory

Geoffrey Bove is retiring from lab work, and is offering a "train to transfer" opportunity for his laboratory. He has trained many scientists in these methods, publishing papers reporting recordingfrom dorsal roots and peripheral nerves.  

The concept is to have a post-doctoral fellow or junior faculty member come for a residency to learn the methods.  Methods will include dorsal root and peripheral nerve teased fiber recording for neurons of all types, both in-vivo and ex-vivo (skin-nerve or nerve-nerve preparation).  The resident will also be thoroughly tutored in small animal surgery and microsurgery, including survival surgery.  

Dr. Bove expects that the residency will last 6-8 weeks.  After the resident is comfortable with the experiments, the laboratory will be dismantled, moved, and set up by Dr. Bove in the new laboratory.  Experiments will be run to make sure everything is working (including the resident)in the new laboratory.  Finally, Dr. Bove will remain as a consultant as long as desired.  

In-vivo median and ulnar nerve recordings will be underway in October and November 2023.  This is a challenging experiment that would be valuable to participate in (Dilley A, Harris M, Barbe MF, Bove GM. Aberrant Neuronal Activity in a Model of Work-Related Upper Limb Painand Dysfunction. J Pain. 2021. doi: 10.1016/j.jpain.2021.12.004). 

The laboratory and the animal facility are in the same room, and Dr. Bove has an OLAW assurance in place that covers the use of rats and mice.  

This could make a good supplement to an existing R01 as well as a training grant.  Dr. Bove will help with application preparation.

Interested parties can contact Geoff at 207 590 8949 or [email protected]