Why Join The USASP?

The USASP is building a structure that focuses on members meeting and networking with peers and colleagues who want to advance the science of pain and reduce its burden.  If you share this passion, joining the USASP is a good career move for you.  You will have access to important resources and opportunities that will increase your professional network, improve your access to innovations in the pain field, fund your research, and shape the national agenda on pain research and care.

Here is a brief outline of the recourses you will gain while a member of the USASP:

  1. Members’ directory
  2. Networking and Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  3. SIG forums and discussion boards
  4. Monthly Education and Professional Development Seminars 
  5. Networking events
  6. Access to conference recordings
  7. Monthly Newsletter 
  8. Job postings
  9. Online/virtual resources for members at all career stages
  10. The Journal of Pain
  11. Leadership Opportunities
  12. Advocacy
  13. Grants
  14. Discounts on meeting fees

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